architect & lighting designer



Chris is an Architect specialized in Lighting Design and MSc in Civil Engineering at
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Since 2011, Christiane is a co-founder and owner of  Ilumine–Conceito em Iluminação, a successful lighting showroom in Brazil.

She has developed business partnerships with major architecture and interior design studios and factories within the industry. By providing specialized knowledge in lighting design, she developed projects and delivered solutions to major residential and commercial clients.

For each project, a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and sustainable design builds upon and enhances the designer’s original concept.

Chris plays an important role for her clients while planning the lighting scheme integrated to all other major projects, minimizing problems during its installation and working within the client’s budget. In addition to that, Chris gives technical advice to other architects and interior designers as well as teaches students and professionals at hands-on workshops and lectures.

Christiane has participated in many events, conferences, trade shows and courses in Brazil and in United States. In 2017, she participated in the Intensive Lighting Design Masters Studio at Parsons School of Design in New York.

Her passion and interest about lighting made her recently move to London to broaden her knowledge at UK´s largest multidisciplinary Faculty of the Built Environment (Bartlett) at University College London. Chris is currently enrolled in the MSc Light and Lighting while explores the world’s centre for architectural lighting and participates in main events, congresses and fairs within the lighting industry.


2011-present– ILUMINE – Conceito em Iluminação. Santa Maria, RS. Brazil

“Architectural Lighting and Lighting controls” (Iluminação na arquitetura e controles de luz)

  • Considering that the city of Santa Maria has 3 Architecture and Urbanism Bachelor Degree Programs from different Universities (UFSM, ULBRA and UNIFRA), Christiane have been holding “hands-on” workshops about architectural lighting design and controls for diverse undergraduate students inside Ilumine´s showroom, since 2011.



2017 – Curso de Especialização em Projeto de Espaços Comerciais. Centro Universitário

Franciscano. UNIFRA. Santa Maria – RS. Brazil. (Specialization course in Commercial Interior Design).

“Commercial lighting design” (Iluminação comercial)

  • Presented a 120 minute workshop about Commercial lighting design for about 25 graduate students.


2015 – ARCONDEC – 1º Seminário de Arquitetura, Construção e Decoração. Ijuí, RS.

Brazil. (Architecture and Interior Design Seminar).

“Architectural lighting design” (Arquitetura com Foco na Iluminação)

  • Proffered a lecture about Architectural lighting design for about 20 Architects and Interior Designers.



2014 - Semana Acadêmica do Curso de Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo da URI. Santiago, RS. Brasil (Academic seminar).

“Light in Architecture” (Luz na arquitetura)

  • Presented a seminar about the importance of light in Architecture for about 40 undergraduate students.



2012 – 3º Simpósio do Curso Técnico em Paisagismo – Sustentabilidade no paisagismo.

Santa Maria, RS. Brazil. (Landscape architecture symposium).

“Landscape lighting” (Iluminação no Paisagismo)

  • Presented a seminar about outdoor lighting for about 40 landscape technical college students.




2012 - X Fórum de Arquitetura e Urbanismo do Centro Universitário Franciscano – UNIFRA. Santa Maria, RS. Brazil. (Architecture and Urbanism Forum)

“Light for façades” (Iluminação de fachadas)

  • Proffered a lecture about façade and architectural lighting for about 50 students.



2011 - Semana Acadêmica do Curso de Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo da URI. Santiago, RS. Brasil (Academic seminar).

“Lighting and Sustainability” (Iluminação X Sustentabilidade - conceitos básicos sobre iluminação artificial no contexto da sustentabilidade)

  • Hold a seminar about sustainable lighting for about 60 undergraduate students. Talked about energy efficient lightsources and project strategies.



2010 - Disciplina de Ateliê de Arquitetura, Urbanismo e Paisagismo IX do Curso de Arquitetura e Urbanismo da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria Santa Maria, RS.Brasil (Architetural Design Studio course from UFSM Architecture and Urbanism Bachelor degree)

“Lighting Retrofit” (Retrofit em Iluminação)

  • Proffered a lecture about lighting retrofit for about 20 college students



2009 - Disciplina de Conforto Ambiental I. Centro Universitário Metodista IPA, Porto Alegre.

Brasil. (Environmental comfort course from IPA Architecture and Urbanism Bachelor degree)

“Lighting in Architecture: artificial lighting concepts” (Iluminação na Arquitetura – Conceitos básicos sobre iluminação artificial”

  • Proffered a lecture about basic artificial lighting concepts for about 20 college students.



July, 2017 – Casa & Decor. Jornal Diário de Santa Maria. (“Home and Decor” section of Diário de Santa Maria Newspaper)